New Identity

This particular concentrated form of carbonized plant matter, otherwise known as coal, started off being moulded by the surrounding forces of the earth and its respective environments. 
Behold ! What a strike of Luck ! To be chosen… But for what purpose?. Unknowingly, to be further cut apart and stripped bare; Put under severe pressure , even more than what had previously been experienced and initially formed its creation. All only to be completley re-born!. Something un-imaginabley wondrous has taken place; An opportunity was given to be transformed into something that doesnt resemble the past and presents a possibility for the future. The remarkable-ness of now beholding a face as if it where a star created for the pleassure of a heavenly being. 

And perhaps so;

Perhaps the soul whom encounters this beauty will see the wonder of his very own heavenly being in the form of a woman; Perhaps he will desire to honour her journey through life and the individual pressures she has encountered by asking her to wear the newly crafted gemstone as a reminder of his love for her and the promises he has for their future.

Did this fresh faced diamond, once known as a chunk of coal, dare to believe a future of such magnificence?


The Pikorua twist between the ocean and the cliff

To the rocks on the cliff edge, whom I am yet to have pleassure of crashing into.

It gets lonely out here in the depths. The stillness, is haunting. The soundless-ness, is deafening. I fear my own depth, but I have peace that you won’t.
As I feel the circle of life fufilling its purpose beneath me, above me and within me. It creates a neverending dream for me, of the moment when my life of wildness is interwoven with the safety of your embrace.
At last!

I can see you, I can feel you from the impact you have on the life forces between us that create ripples of excitment in me.

However, I have not been blessed with the judgment of distance in time when our purpose as individual creations collide, I can still feel it all coming together. Oh what beauty you behold my love, the understanding and gracious nature you carry exites me and stills me at the same time.

the anticipation builds as the space between us closes. Can you feel the pull of your purpose and my purpose coming together?
Every so often, you find perfection in chaos. A life force capable of a love deep enough to hide the pain of the past.

All of this splendour, in our Creator’s timing, my love.

deep connection

Weak faith, turns into strong faith

strong faith, turns into bold living

Bold living turns into peaceful means

Peaceful means, turns into a deep connection

I, wish I could paint your  face

These moments of vibrant hues
We talk for long drives and many hours

Smart humour and fits of laughter

Joy of the spirit, rich life, and the plot thickens.

As we talk over past hurts and fake intentions

Sunsets, moon glistens, we sleep at dawn.

A warm love, the thrill of no shame

Trust deepens with every gaze

You called my name! 

Oh I wish I could paint your face
I don’t wanna rush  you

But I just wanna hold you.

It’s the visions I see

And the way I feel… 

Ive never felt so tested before

This Love, runs, deep! 

A new beginning I found a new start

Now im swimming free from that sin, its a baptism. 

There is a thrill in the absence of shame

Trust deepens with every gaze.

You know my name!

This Love, runs, deep…

I don’t wanna rush you

My, hearts, desire. 



This Dance

The way the ocean breaks and pours its-self over the cliff rocks is a unrefined form of love. The ocean allows its-self to completley succumb to the strength and stability of the rocks. The rocks allow the ocean to be free and wild and the complete mess that she is but remains strong for her when she needs him and returns.